Respirators Versus Nanofiber Face Masks: How do They Protect You? 

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has also brought some myths about respiratory protective equipment which has spread together with the pandemic. These myths concern especially the FFP3 respirators and their fitness to be used for medical purposes. Where do these respirators really stand concerning their efficiency and safety compared to nanofiber facemasks?

The bottom line of the problem with common respirators is that their efficiency relies on electrostatic filtration. The electrostatic charge of a filter discharges very quickly after coming into contact with liquids or air humidity and that leads to a substantial decrease of its efficiency. If a user wants to stay protected, he or she must take the respirator off his or her face after approximately 30 minutes – once the filter dries out, its level of efficiency will increase again. Some producers solve this problem by adding a layer of activated carbon which absorbs humidity and extends the life and efficiency of the filter . Nevertheless, the producers often give different reasons for the use of activated carbon in their effort not to devalue their goods in the eyes of their customers.


Electrostatic versus mechanical filtration

Compared to that, the efficiency of nanofiber filters is based on mechanical principle which is why they work so well even after they come into contact with humidity. Also, it is reasonable to point out that human breath itself is humid. This means that the using of a respirator by a person – in other words, putting it on and breathing through it – already lowers the level of protection that the respirator may offer. But nanofibers, thanks to the density of the material that they are made from, still maintain top-level filtration. The filtration efficiency of nanofiber respirators even increases at the time a person is wearing one because the filter gets denser thanks to intercepted particles – but not to the extent which would reduce the breathability of the filter.

If you want to protect yourself against viruses by a standard respirator with a polypropylene electrostatic melt-blown filter, a certified FFP3 respirator (according to the EU standard EN 149) is the only option. As the only product in this category it can very likely ensure the filtration of viruses. However, it is necessary to point out that respirators are designed primarily as protective equipment for workers and professionals, which means they are tested especially on their filtration efficiency of solid or liquid particles, not microorganisms. Their ability to intercept viruses was not taken into consideration when decisions on the design of respirators were made and the EU standards do not even require such functionality.

The information that FFP3 respirators provide protection against viruses is more of “a wish” based on the following assumption: If a product intercepts paraffine oil (one of the tested substances), it will also intercept viruses. All in all, it really can be partially inferred that if a respirator intercepts oil it will also intercept microorganisms. Because they travel through the air in droplets that come from coughing, speaking and breathing – in practice, thanks to the density of their melt-blown layers, most of FFP3 respirators do intercept viruses. But it is possible only at the expense of their breathability because the filter needs to be extremely thick and dense.

Problematic valve

Usually, FFP2 and 3 respirators have what is called an exhale valve, so that a person can breathe through them during his or her day-to-day activities. But the valve becomes a weak spot when used for protection against viruses and bacteria because in a few dozen of minutes or a couple of hours pathogens can get in through it. The valve is not there to filtrate, but to reduce air humidity – it keeps the respirator dry and helps to extend the efficiency of its electrostatic filtration. At the same time, it improves the comfort of its user – the higher the class of the product, the more reduced the breathability of the product without a valve. So, the valve helps to rid the respirator of warm air on the inside (it is not a coincidence that it is used especially for operation at places with hot and humid conditions, like glass factories or steel mills).

For protection against tiny solid particles (dust, smog, pollen) which should stay out of a person’s airways, a FFP3 respirator with an exhale valve serves well. However, as protective equipment for professional purposes these products are not designed to protect the user’s environment from him or herself. At first sight, one can see this as an insignificant detail, but when their current use for protection against the coronavirus is taken into account, it becomes a serious issue.

It is not a coincidence that the relevant standards define protective equipment for medical purposes (a face mask) as a tool primarily intended for the protection of others from its user. Therefore, so as not to spread their own droplets among patients, it is face masks that are used by doctors and hospital staff most frequently. By doing this, they try to prevent cases where a medic is sick but he or she doesn’t know about it yet – they show no symptoms, but the person can become contagious and put people with, at most times, a weakened immune system at risk.

How to protect medical staff and patients

To summarize the above: an FFP3 respirator, which usually must have an exhale valve, is not appropriate protective equipment for medical purposes. It can provide a doctor with some protection, but that doesn’t apply to people around him. A potentially infected member of frontline medical staff can spread an infection through the exhale valve – unknowingly, yet uncontrollably and in a much higher concentration.

Let’s apply these findings to the current situation: a doctor has no idea that he or she has been infected (whatever the cause might be) and examines people with a suspected coronavirus infection. If their tests results are negative, coming to hospital put them at unnecessary risk of possible infection from a doctor “protected” by a respirator. This unnecessary risk mostly concerns people with a weakened immune system like seniors, oncology patients after a chemotherapy, individuals that suffer from cystic fibrosis, people with chronic asthma etc. Therefore, we argue that medical staff need to stop using respirators with exhale valves and supplying hospitals with these respirators is a proof of lack of knowledge of this issue.

Nevertheless, even respirators without the exhale valve have a lot of disadvantages: usually their breathability is not sufficient (it is difficult to breathe through them), they are not comfortable (because of their weight, rigidity and stiffness), because of their proportions they are not easy to store and also, they do not rank among the cheapest choices. Contrary to that, nanofiber protective equipment can intercept tiny particles mechanically – on the principle of a miniature sieve which intercepts also particles which are only a few micrometers in size. They are cheaper than FFP3 respirators and maintain their efficiency level regardless of humidity. Thanks to the extreme density of nanofibers, a nanofiber filter can be much thinner than melt-blown filters, therefore a person can breathe much more easily through nanofiber face masks. Therefore, they don’t need the unsafe exhale valve, which guarantees a higher level of safety and reliability.

Outdated standards

People often ask why nanofiber masks don’t have the FFP3 certification class when they filter particles and microorganisms with higher efficiency than respirators for professional purposes. The reason is simple – because of the aforementioned thinness of nanofiber filters, paraffin oil used in testing can get through. While in protective equipment for professional purposes this would be an imperfection, for protection against viruses it doesn’t matter. Therefore, in this case the FFP2 category is sufficient for nanofiber products, accompanied by individual testing on filtration efficiency of viruses and bacteria – in our case carried out in an American institute Nelson Labs. The dispute between the efficiency of nanofibers and the officially inferior protection FFP class results also from the obsolescence of the standards. They were created several years ago when people didn’t work with nanofibers yet, and therefore they don’t take into consideration new materials and technologies which combine efficiency with comfort much better.

Let’s conclude that training programs for medical staff, which train them to use protective equipment, are sometimes outdated as well. They often result from dogmas that were surpassed a long time ago, but which have not yet been surpassed in health care. Therefore, not by their own fault, doctors often lack elementary knowledge about how to use face masks and other equipment correctly. To improve the situation, we instruct all distributors of RESPILON products to advice hospital staff on their own protection as well as the protection of their patients. We also educate our end customers in retail about regular protection, as well as about protection in times of epidemics and pandemics.

RESPILON will attend the ISPO Munich Fair Trade 

On January 26-29th, we will attend the ISPO Munich Fair Trade. Together with our distributor Windtex, we will present our unique nanoporous textile membrane: the lightest, most breathable & durable textile laminate currently available. The RESPILON® technology allows for the highest possible comfort while keeping the wearer perfectly dry. Meet us at the Fair Trade and see for yourself! 

R-shield in magazine Redakční test 

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RESPILON® dropshipping starts in the middle of October in the Czech Republic and during the November in Europe! 

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11th annual Slovak CF Conference with International Participation  

11th annual Slovak CF Conference with International Participation

This year’s 11th annual Slovak CF Conference with International Participation takes place between November 29–30, 2019 at a beautiful place in the mountains in Slovakia. We will be ready to meet you. So, see you there!



Do you want to meet our business manager for Europe Mr. Jakub Pakosta? He will present how RESPILON products such as R-shield and ReSpimasks help to fight smog at Hubhub in WARSAW on Friday, 22nd of November 2019.

Warsaw’s air conditions are compared to the most polluted cities in the world. The "STOP Smog" campaign has mission to raise awareness and create solutions. Join START Warsaw at Hubhub in Warsaw on November 22nd.

Our celleague will be one of panellists on "Entrepreneurs that tackle Smog" panel discussion at 7p.m.

Let's stop smog together!

Meet us between November 22–24, 2019 at a workshop in Kraków!  

Meet us between November 22–24, 2019 at a workshop in Kraków!

Meet us between November 22–24, 2019 at a workshop in Kraków! We have been invited by one of our partners—MATIO Fundacja Pomocy Rodzinom i Chorym na Mukowiscydozę (MATIO Help for Families and Patients with Cystic Fibrosis Foundation) to their 19th annual event, whose main topic is cystic fibrosis in adults and children. The event is an opportunity for discussion with professionals from the fields of dietetics, physiotherapy, laryngology, and genetics. During the workshop we will not only educate but also sell our ReSpimasks and R-shields. In order to support patients with cystic fibrosis, all our sales will be donated to the organizer.

Meet us in Lineapelle in Milan 

Meet us in Lineapelle in Milan

Nanofibers are perfect in fabrics, we know it, you will see it. Come to visit us on October 2-4 in Fieramilan in Rho, Italy.

International exhibition of leather, accessories, components, fabrics, synthetics and models in Milan. Send us an e-mail to that you want to meet and our colleagues will contact you and take care of you at Lineapelle. They will show you all the advantages of a nanofiber layer in textile and at the same time prove the unique breathability of RESPILON® shoe membranes.

Check the video below. There is a market leader in outdoor textiles on left (black textile), right you can see RESPILON textile (blue). Both are waterproof, but not both are breathable. The air is coming only through RESPILON textile, while the pressure of the air is the same to both textile membranes.

We are part of "65 Roses" run in Slovakia 

We are part of "65 Roses" run in Slovakia

Run of cystic fibrosis patients takes place this Saturday 14th of September and we are really happy being part of and support this nice activity form Cystic Fibrosis Club in Slovakia.

The 65 Roses story dates back to 1965 when an observant 4-year-olf, hearing the name of his disease for the first time pronounced cystic fibrosis as "65 Roses". Today, "65 Roses" is a term often used by young children with cystic fibrosis to pronounce the name of their disease.


We developed 5th generation of window membranes 

We developed 5th generation of window membranes

The release date for RESPILON window membrane 5.0 was the 2nd of August 2019. After years of developing the best home protection, we are bringing a new product to market. 

RWM 5.0 (shortcut for RESPILON window membrane) has:

  • stops 99 % of smog and dust,
  • 50% better airflow,
  • 25% better transparency and it still catches harmful particles from the outside (smog, dust, allergens)
  • now in wider length - 150 cm!
  • heat absorption

Thanks to nanofibers inside homes are protected from usual air pollution.

Check the Window Membrane here

RESPILON® was a partner of the biggest BMX ride 

RESPILON® was a partner of the biggest BMX ride

The annual biggest charitable freestyle BMX race event in the Czech Republic took place from 5th to 6th of July in Brumov-Bylnice!

All the event's financial gain is used to help the handicapped people cover the costs' of rehabilitation and/or various medical and hygienic aids usually not covered by insurance. RESPILON as a partner of Charity Jam X made a limited edition of R-shield. By buying Charity Jam R-shield on e-shop, you contribute 1 $ to the event, by buying Charity Jam X R-shield during the race event we donate entire amount sold R-shields to Charity Jam.

The total collected amount for people in need from this year is 23 467 USD!

Meet us at OutDoor by ISPO 

Meet us at OutDoor by ISPO

We are going to visit OutDoor by ISPO, what takes place Jun 30 - Jul 03, 2019 in Neue Messe München, Germany.

OutDoor by ISPO not only stands for the annual trade show, but for a year-long, integrative and cross-media platform for an audience of international industry experts. Do you want to meet our colleagues there? Let us know!

RESPILON® facemasks help cystic fibrosis pacients 

RESPILON® facemasks help cystic fibrosis pacients

We empower people with Cystic Fibrosis and those who care about them. You can meet us at the 42nd European conference of Cystic Fibrosis in Liverpool in dates 5th to 8th of June.

The international community of scientific and clinical professionals committed to improving survival and quality of life for people with CF by promoting high-quality research, education, and care. All these professionals are going to be there.

After years of successful cooperation with Czech Cystic Fibrosis Association, we are happy to support the great idea of Czech new invention  - a mobile application called CF HERO. A limited edition design of our R-shield is prepared for introducing this special application what helps people with cystic fibrosis live an easier life.

Meet us at Apparel Textile Sourcing Miami 

Meet us at Apparel Textile Sourcing Miami

We are going to Apparel Textile Sourcing Miami 2019, what takes place May 28th - 30th in Mana Wynwood Convention Center.

This fair is more than a sourcing show, it is three days of networking, seminars, and inspiration. Do you want to meet our colleagues there? Let us know!

RESPILON® Introduced a Membrane for Functional Clothing 

RESPILON® Introduced a Membrane for Functional Clothing

RESPILON® apparel membrane is based on the modern nanofiber technology where the core of the membrane consists of fibers with a diameter 1000× thinner than a human hair.

This extremely dense "sieve" with more than 2.5 billion pores per square centimetre works much more efficiently with vapour removal and brings a better level of water resistance.

Teflon-based membranes, which are also used by the current world market leader, contain hazardous fluorine and use harmful chemicals during production. RESPILON® outdoor membrane consists of polyurethane so its production is not harmful to nature. The membrane is also 100% recyclable.

Annual Report CSR activities in 2018 

Annual Report CSR activities in 2018

An overview of our CSR activities in 2018 can be found in the annual report.

We firmly believe that all the events fulfilled their purpose, expanded awareness
of the principles of health care, and helped people who needed it. Because – as
the motto of RESPILON® says – "Life is worth it!"

RESPILON® From children to children 

We donate 0,9 $ from each R-shield in Parrot design you buy to the Club of Cystic Fibrosis in Czech Republic.

Because we know how important is to be protected when you are a child and you are ill we made a project names RESPILON® From children to children. Children usually do not want to wear any face masks, but they like to wear our nanomembrane neck gaiters. RESPILON® R-Shield protects them from viruses and bacteria. During the competition children were sending us the most interesting pictures and at the end all the competitiors chose the best picture. The winners design was put on our neck gaiters and you can find it under the design „Parrot“.

We recieved 81 pictures, 3 winners were chosen: first place Karolína H., second place Tereza F. and the third place Stela P. All three girls recieved nanofiber products from us. Karolina’s picture is the one you can find on our parrot design neck gaiter.

Window membrane caught the attention 

Window membrane caught the attention

The RESPILON Window Membrane caught the attention of many visitors at the event and the product ended as the 11th most interesting out of the many hundreds of products at the fair in 2018!

This is a sign that we all understand the problem with air pollution around the world. More than ever we should take care of the air we breathe and think about the environment we are living in. Thanks to this success you will find that our membrane helps to keep air pollution outside of our homes.

Nanofiber membrane in Stuttgart 

Nanofiber membrane in Stuttgart

We would like to thank all our partners who visited the RESPILON® stand at the trade fair R+T 2018 specializing in sun protection and protection of interiors. At the turn of February and March, our company went to Stuttgart to present the advantages of a nanofiber window membrane which protects interior against smog and allergens.

The anti-smog membrane represents one of the most innovative products in its class. Thanks to its unique properties, hundreds of attendees found their way to our booth despite the strong competition of more than a thousand exhibitors. We appreciated the opportunity to address potential partners from all over the globe and offer them a product to add to their portfolios that effectively battles the ever-increasing air pollution problem.

In Stuttgart, we managed to attract the attention of companies from five continents. With some of these companies, we’ve established cooperation right on the spot. With others, we’ve just started negotiating. We believe that our nanofiber membrane will help them to reach more end customers who actively care about their health.

Smogathon? Success! 

Smogathon? Success!

In Autumn 2017, we took a part in competition looking for a solution in the fight against smog. Smogathon is an innovative competition, which educates people about dangerous with smog and helps them to find sources with fights.

Respilon Window Membrane was our contest product. We had a great expectation from our membrane, which was lived up. In Krakow final was Respilon window membrane from jury announced as the 6th most innovative products from thousands of competitors.

We are looking forward to the next year of Smogathon, where we want to win the trophy!

New generation of RESPILON AIR® window membrane 

RESPILON® developed a new generation of the nanofiber window membrane protecting you and your home from pollution, smog and allergens. Now RESPILON® enters the global market with this unique solution which will provide you with a continuous and reliable source of clean air.

Why is air quality becoming an increasingly discussed topic? World Health Organization has classified fine dust as a class 1 carcinogen. This danger – in the form of dust and smog – endangers human health even indoors. Most people spend 90 % of their time indoors where they should breathe clean air. RESPILON AIR® helps them to live healthier in their homes and offices.

Nanofiber window membrane captures smog, diesel fumes, pollen, dust and bacteria. How? It creates a mechanical barrier which prevents the penetration of dangerous particles without using any dangerous chemical substances.

Interested in knowing more? Check the independent testing here.

Protect yourself with ReSpimask® from the dangerous haze 

Protect yourself with ReSpimask® from the dangerous haze

Large forest fires across Indonesia are responsible for up to 500,000 cases of respiratory infections. 10 people have died from haze-related illnesses. Haze is covering parts of Malaysia and Singapore, too. Six Indonesian provinces have declared a state of emergency.

ReSpimask® with nanofiber membrane stops dangerous particles – smog, dust, haze, ash and soot. It is an efficient, available, ready-for-use solution which can be utilized immediately in case of a smog situation.

On the picture you can see a visit of Cernobyl with ReSpimask.

Protect yourself against Ebola with ReSpimask® 

Ebola epidemic has killed over 2,800 people in West Africa and the number of the infected persons has exceeded 6,000. According to Doctors Without Borders, the death rate has reached a frightening 70%. Do not risk contracting this deadly illness; protect yourself and your loved ones with ReSpimask® – a nanofiber membrane catches dangerous bacteria and viruses, including Ebola.

Ebola is one of the most insidious diseases in the world. The current epidemic, which has hit mainly Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, is the worst outbreak since the emergence of the Ebola virus in 1976. There is no effective cure or vaccination against the disease, the doctors can only alleviate the symptoms and provide supportive therapy. This makes prevention even more important – for all who live in the affected areas, travel there or come into contact with the local population.

An efficient, simple and affordable solution to protect your family against this deadly disease is ReSpimask®. Nanofiber RESPILON® filtration membrane is so dense that viruses cannot penetrate it and there is therefore no danger of inhaling them. The use of a mask as a precaution against Ebola is expressly recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (USA).

New regional office? Yes! In Australia 

New distributor of products containing RESPILON® membranes strives to make nanofiber products accessible to people worldwide. For this reason, we did establish two new branch offices - this time in Australia!

If you have any questions please feel free to write an email to Michal:

Why to wear ReSpimask? 

On our new video the functions of ReSpimask® is shown in a humorous animated form. This video also shows in which situations ReSpimask® provides effective protection. Do you travel around the world by airplane?

Does your colleague suffer from influenza and you would like to protect your own health? Do you live in a smoggy environment and is breathing outside difficult for you? ReSpimask® is always the right choice. 

ReSpimask® at the prestigious exhibition in Taiwan 

We decided to introduce the advantages of ReSpimask® to potential customers interested in health protection at SenCARE - The International Medial Exhibition. This event was held from June 19 to June 22, 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Visitors to the ReSpimask® stand could try on the facemasks and convince themselves about the masks’ permeability and exceptional tightness. We provided leaflets to visitors describing the functions of nanofiber membrane used in the facemask, and showed our new videos presenting the extensive uses of ReSpimask®.