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Unique. Self-sterilizing.


The future of protection is here!

Opt for unique protection which not only intercepts viruses, but also effectively deactivates them. The products from our VK line combine in them the benefits of a nanofiber membrane with the patented technology of accelerated copper. The result are revolutionary self-sterilizing masks with a typical copper color. They are a reliable protection for you andthe people around you without the need of any special maintenance.

Dopřejte své imunitě neustále aktuální firewall. Dopřejte jí respirátory řady VK.

Give your immunity an extra firewall! Give your immunity a product from our VK line.


Efficiently deactivates viruses

Can be used repeatedly

Accelerated copper Maintenance-free
Nanofiber filter Extremely light
and comfortable

Two-way filter



How does our VK line work?

The VK masks work on the double-barrier principle. Their nanofiber membrane works as a reliable protective filter. Although it is not visible by the human eye, it can intercept up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, which was confirmed by the test results of the American Nelson Labs laboratory. Layers with accelerated copper on the inner and outer side of the respirator will take care of the deactivation of intercepted viruses.





Protection for you and the people around you

Intercept and deactivate. What is effectively intercepted by the nanofiber membrane in both directions, that is effectively deactivated by accelerated copper. Respirators from our VK line have a layer with accelerated copper on the inner and outer side and therefore provide its wearer with excellent protection.

The respirators deactivate viruses coming from the user’s surroundings or from the user him/herself, if he or she is infected. You do not put others in danger only if you yourself are safe. Can be used repeatedly.

Can be used repeatedly

Thanks to our unique technology, the VK respirators are self-sterilizing. Therefore they are more than a practical tool. Generally, you can take them off and wear them again and again.

No maintenance is needed. But it is necessary to follow instructions for use from the manual.

The respirator can be worn repeatedly without any additional maintenance for up to one week, i.e. for up to 168 hrs cumulatively. But it is necessary that the respirator still fit perfectly and show no signs of wear.


VK RespiPro - How it is made

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“A sufficient breathability even for a fast stride, it’s light, doesn’t stick to the face when I inhale.” (a cystic fibrosis patient)

“In my opinion, the main benefit is its ability to deactivate the virus by active copper, it increases the level of protection during the use or manipulation with the respirator.” (Pharm.D., P.K., a pharmacist)

“At work I’ve had the respirator for 10 hours continuously. It’s easy to breathe in it.” (Mgr. P.T., a physiotherapist)

“Thanks to this respirator, people will finally be able to forget that they have it on their nose.” (Mgr. P. B.)


VK RespiPro FFP2 Nanofiber Respirator

The second generation of our self-sterilizing nano respirator VK RespiPro is a fully certified FFP2 respirator in accordance with the EN 149:2001+A1:2009 standard. We’re constantly pushing forward our products technologically and we’re innovating them according to the needs of our customers.

certified FFP2 respirator in accordance with the EN 149:2001+A1:2009

nanofiber membrane which captures viruses

accelerated copper for the deactivation of viruses

can be used repeatedly

no maintenance is needed thanks to the self-sterilizing technology

new generation of elastic ear loops

size M and L
manufactured in the Czech Republic

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VK RespiRaptor FFP2 Nanofiber Respirator

A self-sterilizing nanofiber respirator VK RespiRaptor is an FFP2 respirator certified in accordance with the standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009. The respirator protects the user from the impact of harmful pathogens from the user’s surroundings, which is how it provides every user with long-term and repetitive protection.

FFP2 NR certified respirator in accordance with the standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009

nanofiber membrane which captures viruses

captures bacteria, smog, dust, pollen, allergens, mold spores, and spores of other pathogens

can be used repeatedly

accelerated copper for the deactivation of viruses

“fish type” shape for easy and clear communication

suitable also for people with a beard or glasses

size S and L/M

manufactured in the Czech Republic

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