DrySerum Technology

How DrySerum works

NUENEX for Cosmetics

New revolutionary technology 

Our R&D team has developed a revolutionary active ingredient delivery system for cosmetics called DrySerum. This hydrating DrySerum delivers 4 to 8 times more active ingredients to the dermis compared to standard serums or creams.

DrySerum offers a needle-free method to deliver injectable actives.

Independent clinical studies have confirmed that a general 20% improvement in skin condition is visible within 7 days.

DrySerum can be infused with other active ingredients at the highest concentration


DrySerum Principle and Technology

DrySerum is a novel cosmetic material that leverages NUENEX nanoencapsulation technology to integrate high concentrations of active cosmetic ingredients into a single, waterless formulation.


Unique Properties of DrySerum

  • Super-concentrated formulations with up to 100% active ingredients.
  • Flexibility in selecting active molecules, from antioxidants and botanical extracts to liposomes.
  • Multifunctional cosmetic membranes for complex treatments.
  • Mild encapsulation ideal for sensitive molecules like proteins and enzymes.
  • Integration of oil and water-soluble extracts without excipients.


Scientific and Technical Background - Research and Studies

Our system is supported by extensive clinical studies and has been featured in several prestigious scientific journals.


Expert Team

Ing. Matej Buzgo, Head of Development: Over 15 years of experience in biochemical technologies.



How DrySerum works 

Uniqueness of DrySerum lies in the unique nanoencapsulation technology which enables mild encapsulation of a wide range of active molecules in high concentrations, and low use of excipients. The nanofibrous structure of DrySerum mimics the structure of the skin’s extracellular matrix, and enables high adhesion to the skin’s surface, which s results in perfect contact for surface absorption.

DrySerum is chemically based on the combination of bioactive polymers intended for cosmetic use (i.e., pullulan, cellulose derivatives, polyvinyl alcohol, polyethylene oxide) and active molecules ranging from plant extracts, small polymers and peptides (i.e., collagen, hyaluronic acid, pea protein), essential oils, pure small molecules (i.e., vitamins, phenolic compounds, antioxidants, drugs) to lipid-based active molecules.

DrySerum is produced with the use of the NEUNEX technology. The NEUNEX technology was designed for versatile nanoencapsulation of cosmetic ingredients with minimal use of solvents, excipients and energy. The technology is based on electrostatic spinning technology (electrospinning), using a set proprietary NEUNEX production unit developed by RESPILON. The NEUNEX technology enables continuous formation of high-quality core/shell nanofibers, which may combine in them both water-soluble and oil-soluble molecules. The technology is based on the formation of emulsions and dispersions with high stability, which guarantees homogeneity of the nanofibers produced. In typical case, the water-soluble active polymers (i.e., collagen and pullulan) and water-soluble active molecules create the continuous phase of the final nanofiber. The oil soluble molecules (i.e., essential oils, vitamins, oil soluble drugs) are dispersed in the emulsion as droplets, which results in the formation of emulsions. During the electrospinning process, the polymeric liquid is stretched by using electrostatic forces to form nanofibers. Due to a high surface area of nanofibers, the solvent (typically water) is evaporated in the production process resulting in the creation of a dry nanofiber web. Thanks to the NUENEX technology, these formulations could be created with an almost indefinite number of combinations of polymers and small molecules with different chemical properties (i.e., water- and oil-soluble) in high concentrations. DrySerum can be used to incorporate typically around 40% of non-polymeric active molecules, however, based on their nature the loading can reach 80%. The variability of used active molecules and the possibility of high concentrations makes highly concentrated dry cosmetic formulations possible – therefore, we call our novel cosmetic material DrySerum. DrySerum comes in the form of sheet membranes or as a microparticle powder, which enables combination with a wide range of cosmetic formulations.

How can DrySerum help with your cosmetic products?

How can DrySerum help with your cosmetic products?

RESPILON offers custom development of DrySerum formulations meeting the needs of your specific product. We offer full white-label development of cosmetic products. 

The typical process for the use of the DrySerum technology in white label products is characterized by the following workflow: