Window membranes

Respilon® Adjustable Screen

The RESPILON® Adjustable Screen utilizes the latest technology with its unique nanofiber membrane that protects homes, offices, businesses, hotels and hospitals. It is not only about the protection, but also about comfort.

As an example: When you use the RESPILON® Adjustable Screen, you won't need to close the window when it rains. It protects against rain, ash, dust, smog, allergens and ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the outside environment and keeps the cold out and the heat in during the winter season.

Respilon® Window nano membrane RWM 5.0

The 5th generation of window screen with nano membrane will protect your home from allergens, pollen, smog, dust, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, mold spores, rain, insects, and mites. Perfect for families with children, elderly people, and anybody with respiratory problems or allergies.

RESPILON Window Membrane user review

(Reference from Martin Jiřička)


Window Membrane 5.0 benefits

Capture pollen and smog
Sutiable for allergy sufferers
For anybody with respiratory problems

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