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The administration of medications and cosmetics using pills, injections, creams, and suppositories has been outdated for over 150 years. NUENEX offers a revolutionary solution by delivering medications and active ingredients in their purest form directly to the body. This innovative method is convenient for both patients and healthcare providers, maintaining components in pure form and high concentration without quality degradation. NUENEX ensures precise dosing and can deliver substances at the highest manufacturer-recommended concentrations while preventing overdosing.

NUENEX – the nanoencapsulation technology

Technology Description:
The umbrella project focuses on bringing NUENEX nanofibers to use in nutraceutical, medical devices, pharmaceutical products, and cosmetic skin care products. Our technology advances NUENEX capabilities in various ways, ensuring precise and effective delivery of active ingredients.

Key Benefits:

  • Stability: Increased encapsulation stability and homogeneity for pharmaceutical use.
  • Innovation: Novel class of invisible patches for time-regulated delivery.
  • Versatility: New transdermal, buccal, and respiratory delivery dosage forms.
  • Cosmetic Applications: High concentration cosmetic formulations using DrySerum technology.

NUENEX itself is the name of the technology and the materials produced by this technology for the healthcare industry.

DrySerum uses the same technology but is focused purely on the cosmetics industry.

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Respilon - Life's worth it Respilon - Life's worth it