Nunenex technology

Overview of the NUENEX technology

NUENEX for Pharma


Product & Technology Features and Benefits

Encapsulation Stability

NUENEX technology enhances encapsulation stability and homogeneity, critical for pharmaceutical applications.

Invisible Patches

Developing invisible patches for sustained release, ensuring prolonged and regulated drug delivery.

Respilon Personal Dosage System (R-PDS)

Digitally controlled release of active molecules through hardware integration, enabling safe and effective dosage.

Solid Form Transformation

Using encapsulation technology to transform liquid solutions, emulsions, and dispersions into stable solid forms (nanofibers).

Tailored Encapsulation Systems

Custom encapsulation systems for stabilizing and manufacturing injectable, respiratory, and inhalation-used pharmaceutical dosage forms.


Overview of the NUENEX technology

Overview of the NUENEX technology

The NUENEX technology is based on a novel combination of high-throughput needleless electrodes, optimized polymer dosage system and emulsion spinning technology. The NUENEX technology enables formation of nanofiber membranes from a wide range of polymers. They can be used as pure membranes made only from polymers or have active molecules embedded in them. The key advantage of hybrid membranes with active molecules is that they can attain advanced functions, such as controlled release, stabilization, masking of taste, catalysis through inorganic particles,  or they can lend antimicrobial properties or form to functional textile membranes.

After 15 years of research, our experts identified emulsion/dispersion spinning as the preferred technology for the preparation of hybrid membranes with active membranes. NUENEX is the first technology which brings emulsion electrospinning to an industrial scale. The system comes in the form of a modular electrospinning unit designed for maximal efficacy, throughput, and reproducibility.

The NUENEX technology is here to solve your formulation challenges across industries, be it the manufacturing of cosmetics, food, feed, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, or textile industry, mechanical engineering, filtration industry, 3D printing, or environmentally sustainable materials.

  • Cosmetic application
    Cosmetic industry is rapidly changing, and the number of new advanced cosmetic molecules is rapidly increasing.
  • Food and feed applications
    Food and feed industry is more and more focused on advanced nutrients such as efficient antioxidants, functional proteins, enzymes and probiotics.
  • Medical device products
    Advancements in the medical device field is leading to more complex systems, which require combinations with nanoparticles, active molecules or complex multi-phasic structures.
  • Pharmaceutical products
    Advancements in pharmaceutical development are connected with the use of more complex therapeutic molecules and dosage regimes.

How the NUENEX technology works

How the NUENEX technology works

The NUENEX technology is based on electrospinning technology. Electrospinning uses strong electric field to promote the formation of submicron fibers thanks to the generation of strong electrostatic forces.  During the process, a polymeric solution with desired properties and composition is transformed to form thin fibers. The extreme elongation results in the increase of the surface area and evaporation of solvents, which results in a rapid formation of dry fibrous material.

The key functional advantages of NUENEX are:

  • Low-temperature encapsulation methodology resulting in the drying of polymeric materials in less than 0.2 s leads to the rapid encapsulation of molecules susceptible to degradation, oxidation, evaporation etc. (i.e., proteins, enzymes, antioxidants) and their stabilization in the polymeric matrix.
  • High flexibility in the selection of polymer types enabling the finding of the optimal system for encapsulation.
  • The physical principle of production results in homogenous nanofibers and reproductible release profile.
  • Possibility to encapsulate plant extracts, small molecules, proteins, nucleic acids, hydrophobic drugs and cells.
  • High porosity and pore interconnection for a homogenous release pattern and excellent barrier properties.
  • Large specific surface enabling efficient adsorption-based drug delivery systems.
  • High biocompatibility of nanofibrous structure thanks to the mimicking of natural extracellular matrix.

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How you can make use of the NUENEX technology

How you can make use of the NUENEX technology

The NUENEX technology is available for your custom development. We offer custom formulation development and contract manufacturing services (CMO) using our NUENEX technology.

The typical process for the use of the NUENEX technology is characterized by the following workflow: