Nanofiber Membranes

Respilon® VK membrane

Accelerated copper as pathogen killer.

Intercept and deactivate. What is effectively intercepted by the nanofiber membrane in both directions is then effectively deactivated by accelerated copper. Respirators from the VK line have a layer with accelerated copper on the inner and outer side and therefore provide their wearer with excellent protection.

Respilon® Window Membrane 5.0

The only real protection for your home and office.

  • stops up to 90% of smog, dust and allergens
  • lets in only fresh air
  • helps people live healthier lives
  • it is transparent and breathable 
  • stops heat

Its nanofiber layer captures particles as small as 150 nm.m.

The RESPILON® Window Membrane 5.0 is the 5th generation of a window membrane developed by RESPILON.

Respilon® Apparel Membrane

The RESPILON® Apparel Membraneuses the latest unique nanofiber technology to deliver enhancement that makeproducts 100% water&wind resistant and provides them with a new level of comfort.

  • the most breathable textile 
  • water resistant
  • wind resistant
  • 4-way stretch

Respilon® Shoe Membrane

Improve the quality in your show manufacturing process by using the newest nanofiber technology.

Our RESPILON® Shoe Membrane improves every type of shoe, while providing 3.5 times better vapor permeability than current market leaders. Your feet will never sweat again.

Please check the attached Technical Data Sheet and contact RESPILON® for more information.

Respilon® Respiratory Filter

RESPILON® cares about people’s health because air pollution kills approximately 4.6 Million people a year worldwide, According to Science Daily. This number increases every year and very few products on the market can actively protect against smog, bacteria, diesel fumes, aerosols and other micro particles.

Our RESPILON® Respiratory Filter can be used in FFP1 and FFP2 respirators it is a new generation of nanofiber membrane that provides much improved breathability and filtration efficiency, meaning it has a wide range of applications in variousfiltration devices including medical and industrial respirators.

Please check the attached Technical Data Sheet and contact RESPILON® for more information.

Respilon® Beverage Membrane

The RESPILON® Beverage Membrane uses nanofiber techno logy to deliver a higher level of filtration sought after by the beverage and food manufacturing industry.

The unique properties of nanofibers help speed up the filtration process, making it more effective, efficient and gentle on the substance being filtered. Our Beverage Membrane is 3 to 4 times thinner than ordinary cellulose filters and can be cleaned and reused more than 15 times. Meet the next level of filtration.

Please see the attached technical data sheet or contact RESPILON® for more information.

Respilon® RFT Membrane

The RESPILON® ® RFT Membrane uses nanofiber technology to deliver a higher level of filtration.

  • Ultralight nanofiber (weighs 0.5 gr/㎡), ultrathin (app. 0.4 ㎛
  • Nonwoven 2,5-layered laminate 40 gsm
  • App. 95% Porosity
  • Pore size average 0.02㎛
  • 20 billion pores per one cubic centimeter
  • Air permeability of the membrane in wet conditions app. ΔP 40Pa
  • ater & oil resistant

Hydrophobic – Water & Oil Repellent Material
Hydrophobic & oleophobic feature works as a mechanical barrier against viruses and bacteria.
Large Surface Filtration Area
Appr.15,000 times larger filtration surface area than that of non-woven and PP meltblown or glass fiber fabric.Nanofiber can perform at its maximum efficiency even humid conditions.

Please review the attached Technical Data Sheet and contact RESPILON® for more information.