About Us

About Us

Respilon® Vision

RESPILON partners with companies from many sectors from all over the globe that share our vision of creating nanofiber products to protect our lives. We deliver cutting-edge technology and products that add value to our partners’ businesses and reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

Breath… the force of life… without it, life wouldn’t be possible. Every breath you take is precious and life-giving, no one should ever settle for breathing in smog, emissions, allergens, viruses, bacteria and many other airborne pollutants.

Air quality can be poor everywhere these days and as hard as we try to clean up the environment and reduce our impact on it, this process will take time. We wreaked havoc for years and it will take us many years to clean up the mess.

We want our air to be as safe and clean as possible, free of pollutants and allergens for the protection of everyone. That is our mission, to provide protection from unwanted smog, emissions, allergens, viruses, bacteria and many other airborne pollutants that can contribute to illness.

Because life is worth it, yours, ours, everyone's.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At RESPILON, we believe in giving back – it is our Corporate Social Responsibility! We have been helping charitable organizations through local and worldwide projects in cooperation with partners from hospitals, charities and foundations.

We believe that with every charitable organization we help or partner with, each step we take is giving back to our local and global communities.We try to make a positive impact on the lives of others in return.

We strive to provide products that improve life on Earth and our environment. Giving to charities and the community is just another way in which we strive to impact those around us, locally and globally.

The charity efforts we participate in are simply a follow through on the principals of our business which is to enrich and make the lives of others around the world better.

If you have an interesting project that helps people to live better lives, we would love to hear about it. Please contact Jana Zimová – our Head of Foundation & Corporate Social Responsibility – at j.zimova@respilon.com.

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Our story

  • 2013
    Roman Zima founds RESPILON as the first company in the world producing nanofiber products for end users.
  • 2014
    RESPILON introduces its first products - for example, nanofiber facemask protecting from allergens and air pollution.
  • 2016
    RESPILONenters the global market with RESPILON window membrane.
  • 2018
    RESPILON introduces the RespiPro and the R-mask which combine the highest filtration efficiency on the market with excellent breathability.
  • 2020

    RESPILON introduces the revolutionary face masks that kill viruses and can be used repeatedly. The unique VK series is enriched with a layers of accelerated copper.