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Blood donation at the St. Anne’s University Hospital

Blood donations have declined due to the epidemiological situation. St. Anne’s University Hospital joined the “450 ml of Hope” project, an initiative to find new blood donors. Respilon was there and gave hope.

Children´s Hospital and the Wilheminenspital

I would like to express my sincere thanks. Your masks are really a great help and support for the doctors and nurses in their daily work in the ambulances and in the hospital wards.

Children in the Palm endowment fund

Your sponsorship has helped to improve the quality od health care given to prematurely born babies in state hospitals. We realize that wihout your help, it would not be possible to purchase expensive medical equipment which is still missing at many departments od neonatology in the Czech Republic and which is one of the corner stones of high-quality heat care for newborns.

Reference - A dependent mother

I’d been trying so hard to find quality face masks for my sick mother, but it paid off. At the end,  I turned to your company directly and I met with understanding and immediate help. I really appreciate your gift.

Your selfless help to people in the times of a health crisis is admirable. 

Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Our patients are using Respilon Antismog Scarf instead of an ordinary face mask from 2017. Accordig to their experience, it is well tolerated, works fine and since they wear it not only in the hospital, but also among other people outside, in a bus or a train, they really appreciate the normal look. 

Charity fund for prematurely born babies

In the open window next to the incubator there is a special protective window screen with the Respilon membrane. It contains nanofibers which capture the ever increasing amounts of smog as well as dust..

We would like to thank Respilon Czech Republic for installing these window screens in ou department. 

The Šance (Chance) project

We would like to thank you for your generous gift of mask for Indian children - orphans who found their refuge, support and education in the Ramana Maharshi Ashram in Tadpatri.

Covid-19 Support Initiative Tanzania

Co-Founder Paul Carr who is currently in Tanzania, is grategul for Respilon donation of their nano fibre Respimasks (as pictured). High preventative measures are being adhered to throughout our operation both in Tanzania in Spain.



Šance onkoláčkům endowment fund

We started our cooperation at the time my son was undergoing cancer treatment. The ReSpimask face masks helped both my son and me during the course of his treatment. I could really see the difference - when using ReSpimask my son was less ill...


Reviews from parents

At the outset of my son´s disease we used a classical medical face mask, but it did not copy the face and my son had troubles breathing with it. In the hospital we got the ReSpimask junior face mask to try. We were very suprised by its shape that is ideal for the child face.

Cystic Fibrosis Association

On behalf of your patient organization, I would like to thank you for your long suport, for the products, which you gave us as a gifts, for discounts for our patients, or for special edition of neck gaitre R-shiled with design of parrots, which is the regular gift from you to our company. 

It´s a great pleasure to work with you. We appreciate you and your empathetic attitude and for your sincete efforts to help patients.


ADRA Brno Volunteer Center

Dear Respilon Team, we really appreciate your help and generosity. In the time of coronavirus, you helped us to protect people at risk – the elderly. 

But not only them, also the ADRA volunteers who also assisted us in helping. Your face masks were the protection between the elderly person and the volunteer during doctor’s visits or everyday contact during lunch delivery.

Specialized midwife for intensive care

Thanks to the ReSpimask, I can safely take care of myself and my patients in these uncertain and difficult times. I protect myself and the ReSpimask protects my patients. The mask provides high comfort, is light, very pleasant on the skin and breathable.

Chairman of the Czech Citizen’s Group Against Pulmonary Diseases (ČOPN)

These mask are now very important for patients with lung diseases, especially as a help for their visits doctors and for everyday life, of course.

I am very glad, that company Respilon is the partner of our patient organization.

Story of a child with CF through her father’s eyes

When the doctor say to you: "Sir, it is not good at all, your daughter has cystic fibrosis.". You do not ever notice, what she is telling you, but only to your minds, which is going through your head...

...We can protect our lovely daughter with the Respilon mask. These mask have become the integral part of our lives. I can not imagine, that we do not have these mask!...

Nadační fond dětské onkologie Krtek (The Little Mole Children’s Cancer Foundation)

Krtek, which is part of the Department of Pediatric Oncology, Brno University Hospital, has been cooperating with Respilon for long time. The patiens have necessary neck gaiters and respiration mask, 

In the current coronavirus epidemic the Krtek endowment received almost 3 000 pieces of diposable respiration mask of all size from Respilon.

Nurses from the neonatology ward at Apolinář Birth Center

We were impressed from the Respimask. Perhaps one of our cheerfull colleague, when said: " I have never had the more pleasant thing on my mouth before.", speak for all. 

The breathing is luxury. I am asthmatic, under the mask I can not breathe, I am usually half-suffocated.In your mask I fell comfort. Even, if I run up the stairs on the way to the laboratory, I don't have to stop for breathing. The breathability and lightness of the material pleasantly surprised everyone.

Patient with COPD

I am a patient with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and I have the need to have the polluted air I breath in filtrated.More than one year ago I was looking for a company which manufactures respiratory protective equipment, re-usable with nanotechnology ideally. I have addressed 3 companies, one directly said no, I have communicated several times with the second one but at the end it was also for nothing.

There was no interest in production for the sick at this time. Production is demanding to produce especially due to complex and expensive testing and certification. However,  Ing. Jana Zimová from the Respilon listened to me immediately and was willing to discuss the problems with breathing and needs of patients.

Respilon® Annual report on CSR activities for 2023

From the very beginning, the history of Respilon has been connected with educational and aid activities which initially arose spontaneously, but gradually transformed into long-term partnerships. We have 8 years behind us of systematic help, in the last 6 of which we have been fulfilling an official CSR strategy, recording and evaluating what we do. In those 6 years, we have invested over CZK 20 million into educational and aid cooperation. We have developed long-term partnership with 47 entities. We greatly appreciate the fact that these are mutually enriching relationships, which bring increased awareness and connectivity on those issues which are important to us.

Annual report on CSR activities for 2022

We worked hard during the coronavirus crisis and were pleased by the results of our charitable activities, the positive reactions, and the smiles. As soon as the pandemic began to finally ease, we believed that life might be getting back to normal. And then came 24 February 2022, the day Russia attacked Ukraine. The international wave of solidarity fortunately allowed Ukrainians not only to resist the aggression, but also to survive the worst of times. Nor did Respilon stand idle, about which and other CSR activities you will find out much more on the pages of this document.

Respilon® Annual report on CSR activities for 2021

At the close of 2020, we at Respilon hoped that the new year would be much calmer. We believed that the coronavirus epidemic was already on its way out and that this unwelcome microscopic guest would stop interfering so much in the lives of people throughout the world. Unfortunately, events proved that wish would not be granted. Further waves of Covid swept through the population, threatening not only the lives and health of millions of people, but also their livelihoods, family relationships, leisure time activities, and any plans or dreams. 

Respilon® Annual report on CSR activities for 2020

2020 was our most hectic, most demanding, and most valued year. We are grateful for our partnerships with non-profit and patient organizations and for their trust, because together we can improve the lives of people who are ill or disadvantaged in other ways.

This atypical Year of Covid proved just how valuable it is to have long-term partnerships. The context of this extraordinary time directly influenced not only our production capabilities but also our volunteer and educational activities.

Respilon® Annual report on CSR activities for 2019

The year 2018 was was the very first for our CSR activities. We tried our hand at a few pilot projects, we built our first partnerships and tried to find out how to help people through nanofibers, who need it the most. 

We have entered 2019 with assurance that our help is needed and that it can change people’s living conditions for the better.

We followed up on the original cooperations, initiated a number of new ones and met a lot of brave people whose life stories could be turned into several books.

Respilon® Annual report on CSR activities for 2018

The modern and widely adopted method for the production of nanofibers was born at the beginning of 21st century at Czech universities and soon became an effective weapon in the fight against three increasingly common dangers of today ́s world – airborne diseases, air pollution and allergens.

From its beginning RESPILON® not only sells its protective nanofibre products, but also supports people who have to, in various ways, protect their health the most – the sick, pregnant women, children or the elderly.


People in Need

People in Need is a Czech non-governmental organization with a tradition of almost thirty years. It provides humanitarian aid in depressed areas based on the people’s real needs and in line with the Code of Conduct for International Red Cross. It helps people to come to terms with their unfortunate situation and supports them during reconstruction so that they may regain their bearings. It fights poverty the cause of which it sees in hinderances such as a lack of access to education, to natural resources and healthcare, in inequality, discrimination, or bad governance.

Srdce na dlani (Open-Hearted)

The mission of the Srdce na dlani foundation is to bring a twist of fate for children in children’s homes and to help them to have a happy childhood, to fully integrate into society and become confident and independent individuals who can face the odds of life once they leave the children’s home.

Slovak Cystic Fibrosis Association

The Slovak Cystic Fibrosis Association is a civil, non-political, voluntary, interest association founded in 2006 active in the Slovak Republic and abroad. The mission of the association is to increase the quality of life for people with cystic fibrosis and for their family members. Since 2010, the Slovak Cystic Fibrosis Association has been implementing the third project within a European Cross Border Cooperation program with the Ukraine. The association regularly organizes their own conferences on cystic fibrosis, V4 CF conferences, courses on respiratory physiotherapy, it publishes educational brochures and leaflets, and materially supports CF Centers as well as cystic fibrosis patients and their families.

Proni Endowment Fund

The Proni Endowment Fund serves to develop and modernize the University Hospital Brno Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics. The goal of the Proni fund is to build a clinic to suit the needs of women in the 21st century. Not only in terms of medicine, but also in terms of an approach which is one of respect and empathy while focusing on the individual. Its first accomplishment was support for natural childbirth assisted by midwives within the setting of a large metropolitan hospital.

ERGO Aktiv 

What happens to you if you’ve survived a stroke or a head injury that results in by brain damage? You can fail to maintain a lot of your skills, like the ability to walk or speak. Luckily, the ERGO Aktive center offers services of neurorehabilitation. The center supports people who deal with the effects of a stroke or acquired brain injury (cranial trauma, tumors, etc.). ERGO Aktive help people to lead their active lives again, to regain their independence, to return to or to keep their jobs, and with their overall unfavorable social and life situation. 

DUPV – Breath of Life

A non-profit organization which takes care of patients from all around the Czech Republic who are on artificial pulmonary ventilation at home. They take care of more than a hundred patients and, at the same time, help new patients on their way home from the hospital. Their team is made of coordinators who regularly visit the patients and handle communication between families, hospitals, companies which provide medical equipment, home care agencies, insurance companies and state administration. They run an advice line 24/7 and help the patients make their dreams come true.

Czech Muscular Dystrophy Association

is the patient organization associating people with muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular diseases with their family members, friends and supporters with a nationwide reach. Muscular dystrophies are serious, progressive, as yet incurable rare diseases children and adults. Muscular dystrophies are among the most severely affected, many of whom rely on the use of wheelchairs and the help of others with all the negative consequences.

Collective Calling

Collective Calling is a Spanish registered charity with international permissions who carry out boots-on-the-ground projects to accomplish their objectives. Their mission in Tanzania is to rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate street children back into loving families.


(Let’s Slay the Dragon Together)

The endowment fund helps seriously ill children who were born with a rare disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). The aim of the endowment fund is to enable these children and their families to live the most normal life possible. Help them finance medical equipment or rehabilitation that help them overcome health deficiencies. And why SPOLU NA DRAKA? That's what four-year-old Ondrášek called the ugly illness of his younger brother. We really liked the comparison of an ugly disease to an evil dragon, so we won't call it differently. In addition, we believe that we will defeat the dragon just like in fairy tales!


Since 1997, the Matio Foundation has been providing support to the patients with cystic fibrosis and their families in Poland. The foundation helps to raise public awareness of cystic fibrosis and continuously points out that this disease is not only a problem for the sick, but also for the carriers of the disease.


is a non-profit organization that provides clear information on the basic principles of health care, prevention and self-examination. The team consists of medical professionals who lead creative media campaigns and organize educational workshops focused on reproductive health, oncology and cardiovascular disease prevention.

To date, Loono has educated approximately 55,000 people on prevention. More than 40 of them subsequently detected an oncological or other serious disease in time.

Roska union

The mission of the civic association is to help people with multiple sclerosis to live a quality, dignified and full life. In its activities, it followed the Roska societies (clubs), which has been established in the Czech Republic since 1983. The Czech Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society is an active member of the International Multiple Sclerosis Federation (MSIF) and its EU associated platform EMSP. The self-help of the disabled is very effective, which we implement in 30 separate regional branch societies. The Roska Union operates nationwide in all regions of the Czech Republic and has over 1,400 members.

Nadační fond Šance onkoláčkům

(Give Children with Cancer a Chance Foundation)

The fund was established with the aim of materially and financially helping children with congenital defects and with oncological or other serious diseases. Since 2014, it has helped 300 children in cancer treatment and 110 children suffering from other diseases. Funding for mental and other help is obtained through a public collection, charity shops and cultural events.

Nadační fond dětské onkologie Krtek (The Little Mole Children’s Cancer Foundation)

The fund has been supporting the work of doctors and the medical staff of the Department of Pediatric Oncology at the University Hospital Brno since 1999. Its priority is to improve the stay of children in hospital and make it more pleasant, to improve the care during treatment and help to cope with its consequences. Furthermore, Krtek provides necessary additional equipment for the clinic's departments and contributes to the research and education of the doctors and medical staff.

Motol University Hospital

is the largest healthcare facility in the Czech Republic and one of the largest in Europe with the capacity of 2 199 beds, which annually hospitalizes 79 000 patients, which is the most in the Czech Republic. Motol University Hospital is a large complex of hospital buildings in Prague 5-Motol. To summarize the hospital’s slogan: “We serve generations”.

Neonatology Ward of the University Hospital Brno

The neonatology ward, together with the intensive neonatology care, is run by the University Hospital Brno. It provides all care for children born prematurely as well as on the expected date. The team of doctors and nurses focuses on the mother's constant contact with the child and the maximum involvement of parents. The department holds the title Baby-Friendly Hospital and the certificate of expertise in accordance with ISO 9001:2008

N Endowment Fund

The aim of the endowment fund at Motol University Hospital is not only to save children who were born prematurely and have a long struggle for life ahead, but also to find new, better methods and ways that would these secure the least possible health complications and the best possible start in life for these little fighters.

Czech Citizen’s Group Against Pulmonary Diseases

is a patient organization, following up on the activities of the Czech Civic Association against Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. One of the main goals is to increase general awareness of lung diseases, to deepen mutual information and to improve cooperation between laymen, patients and professionals or doctors.

Czech Cystic Fibrosis Association

Cystic fibrosis is an genetically transmitted disease that mainly affects the respiratory and digestive systems. It is manifested, among other things, by repeated infections of the respiratory system, which gradually cause lung damage. The association seeks to improve the quality of life of people suffering from cystic fibrosis and to increase public awareness of the disease.

Klub Pevného Zdraví

(Good Health Association)

Over 1.2 million members and a lot of benefit – that’s what this association represents. Thanks to the membership you can enjoy a wide range of discounts for the whole family from the association partners. We are constantly preparing other, even more attractive benefits, but even now you will definitely choose from discounts on healthy lifestyle, sports, healthy slimming procedures, relaxation, travelling and on many other activities.

Kometa Endowment Fund

This non-governmental non-profit organization was created in 2015. It supports families with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It supports children with ASD until they are 19 from the South-Moravian Region with the aim to raise awareness of autism, helps to assist during up-bringing and education and the integration of the children in the society. It provides counselling and equipment for the families and assistance for the children. It organizes leisure activities and social events.


Zdravotní klaun

(RED NOSES Clowndoctors)

This non-profit organization with national and international operation has been bringing humor and joy to hospitalized children and lonely seniors since 2001. 86 professional medical clowns visit 63 hospitals, 7 homes for the elderly and one hospice. It achieves over 3,700 visits a year, which contribute to improving the mental and overall health of patients.

LOGO Civic Asssociation

Since 2002, the mission of LOGO has been to help people affected by serious communication and movement disorders. The client is not only the disabled, but his or her entire family. The aim of our services is to give our clients the chance to a full life. That includes particularly social rehabilitation and social counselling, early care and the operation of the daily services centre. Emphasis is placed on the practice of coping with normal daily activities and on self-sufficiency.

ONKA Association

is a non-profit organization which unites the parents of children affected by an oncological disease. This is the eighth year of its operation under the Department of Children Oncology at University Hospital Brno and it operates in other cities as well thanks to the regional centers. The founding members are the parents of sick children who came up with the idea of helping other parents whose child is struggling with a serious illness. Among the activities of the association there are art workshops for children and parents in the hospital, telephone counsel line, relaxation stays and support of the bereaved parents.

Sun Drive Communications

The agency organizes social and corporate events for clients, providing organization, program, advertising, print production and catering. It specializes in projects targeting the elderly and families, among others it is the coordinator of the Rodinné pasy project (“program of benefits for families”) and the administrator of the Senior pas project (“program of benefits for the elderly”). It also hosts conferences of various scope of activities and outdoor stage events (concerts, public performances, advertising campaigns).

Společně k úsměvu

(Together Towards a Smile)

A patient organization consisting of predominantly young people who have undergone oncology treatment in their childhood or adolescence. It creates an extensive network of experience and information, and also seeks to connect departments of pediatric oncology and hematology throughout the Czech Republic. It also intends to include cured patients as so-called “wise mentors” or, in other words, mentors in pediatric oncology.

Occupational Health Insurance Company

It is the 3rd largest health insurance company in the Czech Republic. It offers a number of benefits such as free preventive check-ups, financial allowances for prevention programs or the PRO-FIT discount program. Through the program the company provides the opportunity to enjoy discounts and other benefits on the part of its contractual partners for the clients. The clients also do not have to deal with the paperwork on-sight because they can solve basic administrative tasks online from the comfort of their home or office.

Cystic Fibrosis Club

was established in Slovakia in 1995. The continuous mission of the Club is to improve the health and social living conditions of people with cystic fibrosis and their families. The Cystic Fibrosis Club is also concerned with the protection of rights and interests, while supporting the integration of patients and their families into the society.

The U Apolináře Maternity Hospital

(known as well as St Apollinaris Hospital), it serves primarily as a maternity hospital, it is also used by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the First Faculty of Medicine at Charles University and the General University Hospital in Prague. The basic goals of the operation of the department are medical-preventive care, education and activities connected to science and research.

The Karta seniora (Senior Card) project

helps the elderly to develop an active lifestyle, have hobbies, build friendships and valuable relationships. The aim is to enable meetings during interesting occasions and to inspire the elderly to non-traditional activities. With the card they have a constant supply of discounts and benefits.

The Senior pas (Senior Pass) project

This unique project has long supported the population of the Czech Republic aged 55 and over. It brings a clear and unified system of discounts on products and services provided to holders of the Senior Pas cards. Offered discounts of 5-50% are focused on health care, spa treatments, wellness, travelling, catering, accommodation, education, museums, galleries, but also on everyday shopping.

The Rodinné pasy (Family Pass) project

The project was launched in 2006 to support families with children up to the 18-year-olds. It supports family budgets by offering discounts that can be used on trips, for regular purchases or for visiting cultural and sporting events. Currently, the project works in the South-Moravian Region, Vysočina Region, the Olomouc Region, the Pardubice Region, the Zlin Region, the Ústí nad Labem Region, the Hradec Králové Region and in the capital city Prague.

Breathe free

The Ukrainian charitable foundation Breathe Free was founded in 2014 by parents to a little boy Timothy who suffers from cystic fibrosis. The foundation brings together parents, businesses and other organizations to integrate patients into a normal life. Breathe free also educates the public and seeks to improve the health system.