RESPILON® Sick mother

Dear Mrs Zimová, Ing.

We spoke together about my mother’s health problems on Monday. On Friday, I received by post 20 respimasks which your company donated (!). My mother was surprised and happy that she would breath OK again. The Respimaks I bought for her in February ran out some time ago. Since then the breathing got harder for her (it becomes unbearable for her after a while of wearing different face masks). I’d been trying so hard to find quality face masks for my sick mother, but it paid off. At the end,  I turned to your company directly and I met with understanding and immediate help. I really appreciate your gift. Your selfless help to people in the times of a health crisis is admirable. I’m grateful. I cannot ever express my gratitude for your empathy and a kind approach. At least I’d like to wish you peaceful environment for your company’s work and development, I wish your company to overcome all obstacles in the way. I wish you good luck and look forwards to buy the “Virus Killer” face masks in December.

Mrs Zimová, Ing., I wish you good health and I wish you and the company to be successful.

Best regards


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