DrySerum Technology

Cosmetic active ingredients compatible with DrySerum 

Natural molecules and extracts

Natural molecules and extracts find their application in natural medicine, cosmetics, foods and feed applications. Natural extracts are rich in molecules susceptible to oxidation, thermal stress and photodegradation, such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory molecules, vitamins, enzymes and polymeric molecules. Upon their processing, storage or use their efficacy could be substantially decreased due to oxidation, thermal shock or UV degradation. The DrySerum technol...

Technological advantages of DrySerum?  

The unique NEUNEX nanoencapsulation technology for high flexibility in cosmetic formulations

The NEUNEX technology follows up on research work by Matej Buzgo (Head of R&D, RESPILON). The systems for high throughput production of core/shell fibers were described in his work for coaxial spinning1, emulsion spinning2 and emulsion centrifugal spinning.3 RESPILON – a premium nanofiber provider since 2013 – made its long-standing know-how available to be combined with the knowledge described above, w...