DrySerum Technology

Cosmetic active ingredients compatible with DrySerum

Natural molecules and extracts

Natural molecules and extracts find their application in natural medicine, cosmetics, foods and feed applications. Natural extracts are rich in molecules susceptible to oxidation, thermal stress and photodegradation, such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory molecules, vitamins, enzymes and polymeric molecules. Upon their processing, storage or use their efficacy could be substantially decreased due to oxidation, thermal shock or UV degradation. The DrySerum technology enables the encapsulation of such molecules to polymeric matrices, which increases their stability and prevents them from damage. 


Salts and inorganic nutrients

The nanofibers can be enriched by salts and/or their chelates to prepare highly mineralized matrices. The encapsulation of such molecules can increase their dissolution rate, protect them from moisture uptake, mask unpleasant taste or regulate their release and availability.



Vitamins are often sensitive to environmental or biological degradation. In addition – from a chemical perspective – they are often connected with solubility and bioavailability issues. DrySerum enables efficient nanoencapsulation of vitamins and regulates their bioavailability in cosmetic products.


Small hydrophobic molecules

Small hydrophobic molecules used in the cosmetic industry often have problems with low aqueous solubility. Nanoencapsulation in nanofibers from PVP, PEG or cellulose derivatives combined with unique emulsion technology using the NEUNEX technology enables the increase of their solubility. The spinning of molecules into nanofibers creates solid dispersions with decreased crystallinity. Emulsion technology enables the combining of suitable excipients without the risk of phase separation upon storage. The technology is suitable for a broad range of cosmetic ingredients including antibiotics, antivirotics, anti-inflammatories, and to achieve an anti-wrinkle and whitening effect.


Small hydrophilic molecules

As for small hydrophilic molecules, the solubility is often not an issue. DrySerum is tackling the key problem with small hydrophilic molecules – their rapid solubilization, which poses a problem for a possible long-term release. Thanks to the NEUNEX technology, the produced fibers have a core/shell structure enabling barrier-based control of release on the nanometer level. The simultaneous possibility to form homogeneous solid dispersions with a barrier-controlled release mechanism is increases the release profile reproducibility and helps to solve complex formulation challenges. The primary application is time-regulated release in long-acting cosmetic products.


Proteins and peptides

Protein based active molecules are in the center of innovation in the cosmetic industry. When it comes to enzymes, hormones, growth factors, antimicrobials or cosmetological peptides their stability and long-term function is a huge formulation challenge. Thanks to emulsion process NUENEX enables secure encapsulation of molecules in nanofibers and protects them from environmental or enzymatic degradation. DrySerum is produced by a non-thermal method resulting in rapid removal of solvents resulting in a mild formation of solid dispersion. The selection of proper polymers enables a set release of active molecules in desired time, their triggered release or immobilization, which increases their practical value.



Probiotics (bacterial or fungal spores) are gaining popularity in a range of products in the cosmetic industry. DrySerum is ideal for mild and efficient encapsulation of probiotics. Primarily, mild encapsulation at room temperature protects probiotics from damage and loss of activity. In addition, the selection of polymers enables additional functions such as regulated release, pH triggered release or taste masking.


Liposomes and soft nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems

Liposomes, polymerosomes, solid-lipid particles and other soft-nanoparticle systems are very popular for the delivery of active cosmetic molecules to deep skin layers. However, the systems are suffering from numerous practical disadvantages such as low stability, limited loading rates and agglomeration. DrySerum is an ideal solution to these problems. Thanks to rapid encapsulation, drying and immobilization in a polymeric matrix, the soft nanoparticle-based systems are stabilized during storage at room temperature and freely released without agglomeration upon dissolution.


Inorganic nanoparticles

Inorganic nanoparticles such as metal oxides (i.e., TiO2, ZnO) find their application in functional cosmetic products such as sunscreens. Our NEUNEX enables the encapsulation of nanoparticles by using dispersion encapsulation and forming DrySerum membranes with embedded and immobilized inorganic nanoparticles. The technology enables highly efficient loadings of up to 60 wt% of inorganic components.