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„When using ReSpimask® my son was less ill“

When using ReSpimask® my son was less ill

We started our cooperation at the time my son was undergoing cancer treatment. The ReSpimask® face masks helped both my son and me during the course of his treatment. I could really see the difference – when using ReSpimask® my son was less ill and his cancer treatment did not have to be postponed because of infectious diseases.

After his treatment finished, I started an endowment fund to help other children with similar problems. I gladly received the offer of cooperation from RESPILON Group s.r.o. and after my own positive experience, I started offering the nanofiber face masks to other families of children suffering from oncological diseases. I am really glad that these families are now actively asking for ReSpimask® on their own accord. I greatly appreciate the cooperation with RESPILON.

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Lenka Klasnová