RESPILON® Testimonials

When using ReSpimask® my son was less ill

We started our cooperation at the time my son was undergoing cancer treatment. The ReSpimask® face masks helped both my son and me during the course of his treatment. I could really see the difference – when using ReSpimask® my son was less ill and his cancer treatment did not have to be postponed because of infectious diseases.

After his treatment finished, I started an endowment fund to help other children with similar problems. I gladly received the offer of cooperation from RESPILON Group s.r.o. and after my own positive experience, I started offering the nanofiber face masks to other families of children suffering from oncological diseases. I am really glad that these families are now actively asking for ReSpimask® on their own accord. I greatly appreciate the cooperation with RESPILON.

Nadační fond Šance onkoláčkům

Lenka Klasnová


Our patients are using RESPILON Antismog Scarf instead of an ordinary face mask from 2017. According to their experience, it is well tolerated, works fine and since they wear it not only in the hospital but also among other people outside, in a bus or on a train, they really appreciate the normal look.

Lukas Homola, MD
Cystic Fibrosis Centre University Hospital Brno, Czech Republic

Masks provide real protection against viruses and bacteria

RESPILON® products are a great help to patients suffering from cystic
fibrosis. Members of our association evaluate the nanofiber face masks
very positively; they are especially appreciative of how comfortable it is
to breathe through them in comparison with other face masks. However,
in contrast to regular face masks, the greatest advantage is that they
provide real protection against viruses and bacteria.

Patients suffering from cystic fibrosis are mostly wearing the ReSpimask®
face masks in hospitals during checkups and residential treatments.
Outside hospitals they prefer to use the RESPILON® scarfs which look
like regular fashion accessories and do not draw other people’s attention
while providing effective protection, for example on public transport.
We can sincerely recommend the RESPILON® products to anyone who
needs to protect their health against harmful particles and organisms



We have plenty of facemasks on the market, the usual surgical masks are supposed to protect others. Respirators are made to protect the one who wears them. 

What should be the right protection for us? In my opinion, the RESPILON® R-shield scarf with unique Czech nanofibers is a stylish protective shield for allergy sufferers, immune-impaired people, sports enthusiasts and bikers. It is flexible, modern and comfy to wear and it is washable. 

Because I like hiking and mountains I am happy for many ways of usage - it keeps my neck warm while hiking, protects my lungs while jogging in city.

Mgr. Martina Obrtelová
Manager of pharmacies