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Respilon's further expansion to Asia and the challenges it presents

3. 6. 2021


In 2013, Asia was the first international market that Respilon expanded to in order to meet the steadily increasing demand for respiratory protection equipment. This subsequently led to the opening of our first local branch office in Xiamen in 2017. 
Last year, in the midst of the global pandemic, we relocated to a new office in Chengdu in order to further boost our production capacity. Listen to Respilon's China Country Manager, Jakub Skopek, as he describes the challenges the expansion presents in the video below.

The mask VK RespiPro is made with nanofibers coated with a layer of accelerated copper. That means it can kill viruses and be used over an extended period of time. The product was designed by RESPILON Group in the Czech Republic last year at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. That's also when the company opened its Chengdu office in southwest China.

JAKUB SKOPEK, China Country Manager RESPILON Group: "More and more people are now paying attention to their health and safety. And we believe that more and more people are open to spending more money  to protect themselves and their loved ones. So, we believe that this experience, however unpleasant, does provide opportunities for companies like our and other."

For RESPILON Group, the challenge is convincing Chinese customers that its high-end face masks are worth the higher price.

The nanofibers in  this RESPILON window screen are able to filter out allergens and air pollution. It's a hot product on the Chinese market snapped up by customers in Beijing and Tianjin. And its success looks set to grow. The company plans to expand into ten Chinese cities by the end of the year.