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"Our patients are using RESPILON Antismog Scarf instead of an ordinary face mask from 2017. According to their experience, it is well tolerated, works fine and since they wear it not only in the hospital but also among other people outside, in a bus or on a train, they really appreciate the normal look."

Lukas Homola, MD
Cystic Fibrosis Centre University Hospital Brno, Czech Republic



"In my opinion, the RESPILON® R-shield scarf with unique Czech nanofibers is a stylish protective shield for allergy sufferers, immune-impaired people, sports enthusiasts and bikers."

Mgr. Martina Obrtelová
Manager of pharmacies

News RESPILON® is a partner of the biggest BMX ride

The annual biggest charitable freestyle BMX race event in the Czech Republic takes place from 5th to 6th of July in Brumov-Bylnice!

All the event's financial gain is used to help the handicapped people cover the costs' of rehabilitation and/or various medical and hygienic aids usually not covered by insurance. RESPILON as a partner of Charity Jam X made a limited edition of R-shield. By buying Charity Jam R-shield on e-shop, you contribute 1 $ to the event, by buying Charity Jam X R-shiled during the race event we donate entire amount sold R-shields to Charity Jam. 


Respilon® Annual Report CSR activities in 2018

An overview of our CSR activities in 2018 can be found on the following
pages of the annual report.

We firmly believe that all the events fulfilled their purpose, expanded awareness
of the principles of health care, and helped people who needed it. Because – as
the motto of RESPILON® says – "Life is worth it!"

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