Carbon product series

RespiPro Carbon


Certificates / Test reports
EU Type-Examination Certificate
Certificate GB2626
EC Declaration of Conformity


Mandatory certification

EU Type-Examination CertificateA certificate issued by the certifying body VÚBP in the Czech Republic, which certifies the product RespiPro Carbon as an FFP2 respirator with filtration efficiency for solid particles above 94%. The product meets the requirements of the European standard EN149:2001+A1:2009.

EC declaration of Conformity – The declaration of conformity is issued by the manufacturer of the product. It informs about the fact that the product has been assessed to be in conformity with relevant standards and laws, is safe and used in compliance with the listed recommendations, standards, and laws.


Additional certification

Certificate GB2626 – The standard that is acceptable in China which states that RespiPro Carbon is classified as a FFP2 respirator.