Is breathing safe at your home place?

What is RESPILON®?

RESPILON® membrane is the product of years of research by European scientists. The functional part of its sandwich structure contains a polyvinylidenfluoride (PVDF) nanofiber layer. This creates a mechanical barrier preventing the penetration of harmful particles without of any chemical substances. The result? Its unique filtering features protect your health from viruses, bacteria or allergy producers.

How RESPILON® works?

RESPILON® is an extremely dense network containing fibers with a diameter of 50-150 nanometers. These fibers are extremely strong and form a strong structure. The combination of these features of RESPILON® can stop even the smallest solid and liquid particles. What does this mean in practice? Dust, smog, pollen, viruses, bacteria, mould or mites - none of these can penetrate through the pores in the membrane. RESPILON® provides excellent permeability and ensures reliable protection from infections, allergies and pollution.

tennis ball
What is "NANO"? The dimensional difference between meter and nanometer is similar to the dimensional difference between the Earth and tennis ball.

Why use products containing RESPILON®?

The unique characteristics of the RESPILON® membrane were tested and proved by renowned labs, such as the EMPA (Switzerland), VUT (Czech Republic) and Nelson Laboratories (USA). For each new product, we also developed a new membrane modification with the excellent features for the specific application. At the production plant located in the Czech Republic, we inspect the quality of the nanofiber RESPILON membrane to guarantee top quality products for our customers.

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RESPILON® protects your health. Products with nanofiber membrane ensure healthy sleep, trouble-free breathing and protection of your home.

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