ReSpimask® provides reliable potection from 99.9% of air pollution, allergens and infectious diseases thanks to new revolutionary filter made by RESPILON.

Protective Facemask ReSpimask Protective Facemask ReSpimask



RESPILON Protective Facemask was designed to capture all dangerous particles found in the air including viruses and bacteria.





A facemask with nanofiber membrane stops dangerous viruses and bacteria, smog, as well as mites, mildew and dust particles or pollen and other allergens. ReSpimask® is a mask that protects you and your loved ones. With different sizes are available you can take advantage of the benefits and features of the ReSpimask

Respilon® Testimonial Dentists use ReSpimask

„ReSpimask perfectly fits me. I found the best size for me and I know other facemasks do not give me the same feeling of the perfect fit. ReSpimask has a strip what can be stuck to the nose, thanks to this my glasses does not get foggy. One of the most discussed issues lately is the toxicity of drilled amalgam, I see the greatest advantage of these facemasks in preventing the inhalation of particles when drilling and polishing composite. Inhaling these particles can lead to health problems."

MDDr. Zídková Kateřina, Senzadent 

Protective mask captures 99.9% of allergens, viruses, bacteria, mold, dust, smog, emissions and other dangerous airborne particles.

Protective Facemask ReSpimask Protective Facemask ReSpimask

Ultimate protection

RESPILON Protective Facemask provides reliable protection from air pollution, allergens and infections such as influenza and it‘s variants. ReSpimask thanks to nanofiber RESPILON technology inside as you can see on right side, protects you against smog, emissions, viruses, bacteria, molds, pollen, dust and other dangerous particles.

The nanofiber filtration layer in ReSpimask is covered from both sides with nonwoven fabric. The filter covers the whole part of mask where air flows. This RESPILON nanofiber membrane is rated the highest in dense filters on the market but still provides better breathability and higher filtration efficiency then our competitors.

RESPILON® ReSpimask captures dangerous particles

RESPILON particles graph

On the graph above see what dangerous particles are you protected from wearing ReSpimask.

Surgical Mask



are designed with standards to protect those in the immediate surroundings against the wearer by preventing large particles expelled by their nose or mouth, such as spit or mucous from entering the environment such as in Hospital Operating Room. However, these masks don’t protect the wearer’s respirator system against inhaling dangerous airborne particles.



are designed to help protect the wearer from certain airborne contaminants. They also have a close fit around the face to help avoid leaks through which airborne contaminants can enter. But most of the respirators on the market today are not comfortable to wear, are difficult to breath in and do not protect against viruses.



  • Adanced nanofiber technology for protection
  • Perfectly fitting
  • Easy breathability



  • Also available in for children
  • Comfortable

The Filtration efficiency is equivalent to respirator standards EN-149 FFP2 or US standard N95 as well as EN 14683 – Type IIR Standard for facemasks.

The mask is designed for hygienic reasons and can be worn a maximum od 24 hours of use.


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