RESPILON® Adjustable Screen for Sash windows

Protects against all possible pollutants including smog, emissions, pollen and dust.


RESPILON® Adjustable Screen for Sash windows
Protects against all posible polutants including smog, pollen & bacteria

The new RESPILON® adjustable window screen, transforms an ordinary window screen into a filter that blocks smog, emissions, allergens, dust and pollen from entering an open window.

This is the first adjustable window screen on market today, which filters smog particles.


fine dust
car fumes

How to install it? No tools, no hassle, no fuss.

Anyone can easily install this adjustable screen to sash window. No tools needed. Watch video.



Unmatched level of protection, good transparency and airflow.

This innovative product helps you and your loved ones to enjoy the natural breeze without the worry of dust (PM10), fine dust (PM2.5), smog, emissions (PM1.0), pollen, mold spores and of course insects. Breathe free without danger of outdoor air pollution.

Level of protection offered by this product is comparable to high-end HVAC systems without the need of maintenance and complexity. It offers a combination of high-level filtration with still showing transparency (we want you to see the outside world) and airflow (we want you to enjoy the fresh air with an open window).

Installation and Maintenance

You don't need any tools to install this adjustable window screen. It is a 3-step process as shown in the image to the right.

Portable, Removable and Easy to Maintain

RESPILON® Adjustable Window Screen is easy to remove to clean and maintain. It can also be stored for future use. When needed, cleaning is easy and simple. 

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See and Experience the Quality

RESPILON® develops high standards in our healthcare products and provides quality service to keep you satisfied. Enjoy a new level of indoor protection! 

For sash windows

RESPILON® Adjustable Screen is designed to fit every vertical or horizontal sash (single/double hung) window. Four modifications fit this range:

height (METRIC)width (METRIC)height (IMPERIAL)width (IMPERIAL)
26 cm 46–84 cm 10” 18–33”
38 cm 51–94 cm 15” 20–37”
50 cm 75–140 cm
60 cm 85–160 cm

Two screens = Better airflow

Smog is heavier during the winter season if you live in cold climate. When the RESPILON® Adjustable Screen is used during the summer season, there can be more demand for airflow. Airflow can be greatly increased, by placing two RESPILON® Adjustable Screens in windows situated opposite to each other. Thanks to the “chimney effect” your interior will always have plenty of fresh air while being effectively protected.  

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Independent test results TÜV SÜD

The chart to the right shows our RESPILON® Adjustable Screens test result from TÜV, an independent technical and testing agency in Europe showing our filtration efficiency. The upper table contains particle concentrations and the lower part of the table corresponds to the screens efficiency.

Why nano matters?

There are more ways to do a filtration media. Some producers use enectrostatically charged medium to artifficially improve filtration capabilities and airflow. This works great but for very limited time. It obviously discharges quite fast in outdoor aplication. On the other way nanomaterial is just so dense that it purely mechanically blocks what it shoud. Can't be discharged just slowly cloged (see maintanance). Nano is what matters, it makes the product really work and two outer layers serve as a protection and structural support.

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