Is breathing safe at your home place?
Barrier against harmful particles combined with excellent permeability Stops viruses and bacteria

How ReSpimask® works?

Do you live in an area suffering from permanent smog conditions? Is your home frequently attacked by airborne infections? Do you travel around the world and are afraid of infections? All these dangers can be eliminated by ReSpimask®. A facemask with nanofiber membrane stops dangerous viruses and bacteria, as well as mites, mildew, smog and dust particles or pollen. ReSpimask® protects you reliably from air pollution, allergy producers and viruses such as influenza.

You can feel the difference with every breath

Nanofiber mechanical membrane provides the ReSpimask® unparalleled features. It can stop even the smallest dangerous particles without the necessity of being impregnated with chemical substances or silver. The membrane structure brings maximum protection while allowing excellent permeability. ReSpimask® effectiveness is boosted also by other details, such as its unique shape and adhesive stripe ensuring perfect adhesion and tightness.

Protection for the entire family

When designing the ReSpimask®, we did had the health of the entire family in mind. The facemask is delivered in various sizes and thus can be used by anybody. ReSpimask Junior® was developed for the youngest children and a special facemask for pregnant women is offered as well. The package contains simple instructions, so an inexperienced user is able to select the correct size and apply the mask very quickly if necessary. The compact size of the facemask allows you to have it always with you - ready for use!

Practical and comfortable packaging

Start to protect yourself and your family from allergies and infections now! Use our e-shop or contact a local distributor to buy any model of ReSpimask® in practical packaging.

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