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Nanofiber Membrane Caught Interest of Trade Fair Attendees

16. 3. 2018
We would like to thank all our partners who visited the RESPILON® stand at the trade fair R+T 2018 specializing in sun protection and protection of interiors. At the turn of February and March, our company went to Stuttgart to present the advantages of a nanofiber window membrane which protects interior against smog and allergens. more

New generation of RESPILON AIR® window membrane

2. 2. 2017
RESPILON® developed a new generation of the nanofiber window membrane protecting you and your home from pollution, smog and allergens. Now RESPILON® enters the global market with this unique solution which will provide you with a continuous and reliable source of clean air. more

Protect yourself with ReSpimask® from the dangerous haze

19. 11. 2015

Large forest fires across Indonesia are responsible for up to 500,000 cases of respiratory infections. 10 people have died from haze-related illnesses. Haze is covering parts of Malaysia and Singapore, too. Six Indonesian provinces have declared a state of emergency. 


Our new branch office on another continent

5. 1. 2015

We continued extending our activities to new locations in the second half of 2014. The new Redspeare branch office was established in Africa, where the masks (especially those with nanofiber membrane) can significantly help people in battle against malicious infections such as Ebola.


Protect yourself against Ebola with ReSpimask®

25. 9. 2014

Ebola epidemic has killed over 2,800 people in West Africa and the number of the infected persons has exceeded 6,000. According to Doctors Without Borders, the death rate has reached a frightening 70%. Do not risk contracting this deadly illness; protect yourself and your loved ones with ReSpimask® – a nanofiber membrane catches dangerous bacteria and viruses, including Ebola.


ReSpimask® at the prestigious exhibition in Taiwan

16. 7. 2014
We decided to introduce the advantages of ReSpimask® to potential customers interested in health protection at SenCARE - The International Medial Exhibition. This event was held from June 19 to June 22, 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan.  more

New regional offices! Australia and New Zealand

15. 7. 2014
Redspeare, distributor of products containing RESPILON® membrane strives to make nanofiber products accessible to people worldwide. For this reason, we did establish two new branch offices - this time in Australia and New Zealand.  more

Reasons for using ReSpimask® Watch our video

10. 7. 2014
On our new video the functions of ReSpimask® is shown in a humorous animated form. This video also shows in which situations ReSpimask® provides effective protection. Do you travel around the world by airplane? more

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